We’re really excited to welcome Stuart Walster’s brilliant homage to life in Swadlincote back to the kiln hovel this month! Created as part of the final year project for his BA in Graphic Design and Illustration from DeMontfort University, Stuart spent time in and around the town drawing what he saw and heard. “I wanted to show what the people of Swad are like and how we speak”, said Stuart.

Last time we displayed this 9-meter long reportage illustration, we had many admiring comments from visitors who saw a little bit of themeselves and the town they love in the scroll. Some of them even recognised friends and family in the various vignettes and portraits.

Stuart has taken the opportunity to create postcards of his work so if you fancy owning a piece of his art, drop in to the shop.

Come along and celebrate Swad with Stuart and Sharpe’s from Tuesday 18th July to 5th August.