Sharpe’s Pottery Museum is a local history museum, with an iconic kiln and internationally recognised pottery. Since it first opened the Museum’s collection has grown beyond recognition. From its humble beginnings, the museum has been a great resource for the local community with a full and fun packed programme of exhibitions, events and activities throughout the year, for families, schoolchildren and adults to enjoy.

Once the easing of current COVID-19 restrictions allow, the Museum will re-open after a period of major refurbishments. The Trust needs the support of the local community to enable to museum to continue its work supporting South Derbyshire District’s history. The generosity of our visitors, Edmund Buddys, and supporters help the museum carry out its work. By donating you will help us to continue to enhance and complete the museum through additional exhibitions, displays and activities.

You will help us to…

  • Create new gallery activities
  • Care for our collection
  • Provide art materials and resources for our toddler and holiday sessions
  • Help fund activities for school children


Could you help us to continue this work by leaving a gift in your Will?

A bequest in your Will could be directed in a number of ways:

Leaving a contribution to our Endowment Fund: this is a great way to leave a long-lasting legacy to Sharpe’s Museum, as the Endowment will provide security through building a capital fund.

Leaving a gift towards a project: you could express a wish to leave a bequest to a specific project or to the museum.  A project could be for the restoration of Yellow Brick Building, the creation of a new exhibition, or money towards the acquisition of a piece of pottery etc.

Leaving an unrestricted gift: this would enable Sharpe’s Museum to direct your gift to the area of greatest need, either to help with running costs, including repairs, building or gallery renovation, or a specific project.

However small, or large, every penny of every gift will go towards continuing the valuable work of Sharpe’s Museum for the benefit people of all ages.

If you are considering leaving a bequest and would like to talk to someone at Sharpe’s Museum, please email or call 01283 222600.

Objects left to the Museum (A specific gift)

If you would like to leave an object we would ask you to consult Sharpe’s Museum before writing the bequest to ensure the item involved is within the scope of our published collections policy. Please email to discuss your intended bequest or to discuss any wish to be recognised on an object’s label. Gifted items may be used in temporary exhibitions, events and education, as well as displays within the museums.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that gifted items will be on permanent display.

Writing or amending a Will does not need to be complicated or expensive; we do however recommend that you contact a solicitor for advice.

A gift of 1% in your Will can make a difference to Sharpe’s Museum so those closest to you inherit 99%.

Help the museum care for its unique collection…

The Museum team have been working hard to create a museum with a bright and sustainable future. We are urging our Buddys, supporters, and local community to support Sharpe’s Pottery Museum through our Adopt an Object scheme to help us to continue to enhance and complete our work; promoting to all a love of heritage, culture, and the arts for years to come.


By adopting an object, you will be supporting the care of our collection at the museum, maintaining the heritage building and ensuring that Sharpe's Pottery Museum continues to be an iconic place for everyone.

Become an Edmund Buddy

By joining, you will help us to run the museum, improve our displays, and to resource our school learning sessions and holiday activities.


As a Volunteer you’ll gain so much along the way: new skills, confidence, social connections and joy to name but a few.


However small, or large, every penny of every gift will go towards continuing the valuable work of Sharpe’s Museum for the benefit people of all ages.