A new augmented reality app funded by Derbyshire County Council’s Community Priorities Programme thanks to Councillor Stuart Swan, has been created by a group of young people who attend People Express to enable visitors of Sharpe’s Pottery Museum to see Victorian children talking to young people from 2020 about their lives in the Pottery Industry.

Earlier in the year a group of young people went on a research visit to Gladstone Pottery to find out about what the life of a Victorian child working in the pottery industry would have been like.

On their return the group worked with writers Kevin Fegan and Jayne Williams to create a script, and rehearsed performing them.

The group also took part in a workshop with QUAD’s John Whall to explore creative and fun digital platforms, including ‘Qlone’ for scanning and viewing objects, ‘ITSEEZ’ that can scan a human head! and ‘Quiver’, which allows you to colour in the design and the app brings it to life in 3D.

The app will be launched to coincide with the reopening of the museum in June 2021.