The trust is governed by a Trust Board with the following composition:

5 Community / Independent Trustees

1 Trustee representing People Express

2 Trustees representing Magic Attic

1 Landlord Trustee

South Derbyshire District Council also have a representative on the Trust Board who is not a Trustee.

The Trust is supported by employed staff and a wide and active range of volunteers.

A Service Level Agreement with South Derbyshire District Council is in place to ensure that the Trust continues to support a number of Council strategies including economic and environmental regeneration, town centre development, lifelong learning, e-government and, of course, leisure (including heritage).

As with all charities the Sharpe’s Pottery Heritage and Arts Trust has governing documents in place that set out the charity’s aims and purpose, and rules for how we must operate, these can be obtained on the charities register.

Our governing documents inform our plans, decisions and the policies we have in place to maintain the safety of our building, collections, staff, volunteers and visitors and manage the site.

If you would like more information please contact us.