It was a cloudy January morning when we opened our emails to find an enquiry from the lovely family of Gwen, who was a native of South Derbyshire. They were looking for a loving home for their beloved hand-crafted doll house, designed and built by Gwen herself from memory in the 1980’s. It is based on Gwen’s grandma and grandad’s house situated in Linton, whom she lived opposite as a child. The house is fully furnished in 1930’s and 40’s style with painstaking attention to detail, from tiny padlocks to the outside toilets (of course!). On the exterior, each brick was laid by hand and Gwen created small replica dolls of her grandparents to occupy it.

We are so excited that we were able to say YES and on a sunny Saturday  afternoon in March Gwen’s family very kindly delivered the Doll’s House, sharing stories of their memories of growing up and reminiscing about old times. We are incredibly honoured to be able to provide a very fitting home for such a special item.

The hugely impressive, and rather large, dolls house has now made it’s way into our first floor galleries. Eagle eyed visitors may have already spotted it and if you haven’t, come down and have a peek!

Whilst the house is currently on display behind a lovely velvet rope, do watch this space as we work to make this incredible item of human history come to life!