Students at Burton and South Derbyshire College have been undertaking work experience at Sharpe’s Pottery Museum to gain skills for their future careers. Sharpe’s Pottery Museum is proud to have a close working relationship with Burton and South Derbyshire College, from assisting Travel and Tourism students on their ‘Planning Events’ unit to taking on industry placements.

Travel and Tourism students have been gaining skills to assist them with their ‘Planning Events’ module and have already helped the museum to prepare for its Christmas activities and events. During this time, Nicola Lees, Business and Development Manager at Sharpe’s has been sharing her knowledge and expertise, and the students are now looking to develop and implement an event using the guidance and advice that they have received. At the beginning of May, they will also be coming back to Sharpe’s on a fact-finding mission around the museum and to listen to a tour guide. They will then go away and work on their own tour that they will come back and deliver at the end of May.

Meanwhile, two Business students from the College are completing 350 hours’ work experience as part of their industry placements. Both Mia Lester and Aimee-Lou Wood have been working hard behind the scenes on preparing for and developing events, wedding planning and engaging with visitors using the venue.

Industry placements give students on Level 3 technical education courses the chance to put their knowledge and technical skills into practice in the workplace. This involves a 45-60 day placement in a relevant role with an employer where students can gain the skills they need in their future careers. Meanwhile, employers are able to nurture the next generation of workers while benefitting from an extra member of staff with fresh ideas.

Business and Enterprise student, Mia Lester said: “I have been really enjoying my industry placement at Sharpe’s Pottery; the staff there have been so friendly and helpful when I have needed help. At Sharpe’s pottery, everyone works as a team and being a part of that team has been a great experience so far. I’m extremely interested in events and would like to have a job planning events in the future so this experience will help me achieve my goals”.

Nicola Lees, Business and Development Manager at Sharpe’s said: “Here at Sharpe’s, I want to make a difference as well as create opportunities for people to learn, develop, build confidence and be part of a community, at the same time as gaining valuable experience for the future. I have worked in partnership with Burton and South Derbyshire College for many years and I am now proud that the Charity is able to gain from the relationship that has been built, as well as giving back to local students in our area at a time when it is very much needed!”

Rachel Brooks, Employer Engagement Executive at Burton and South Derbyshire College added: “Our Business students are gaining valuable experience on placement at the museum learning how a charitable organisation is run. They have especially enjoyed getting involved in event planning and seeing how an event comes to life. Nicola and the team at the museum are very supportive and have seen the students grow in confidence over the placement so far”.