Today we have welcomed two very unusual T.G. Green goblets to Sharpe’s.  Mrs Pat Harris came in to the museum and kindly donated these beautiful objects that were made by her father, Harold Sidney “Sid” Smith.  He was Chief Turner at Green’s before going on to work in the office later in his career.  But the family connection doesn’t stop there!  Pat’s Mum, Mabel (nee Robey), also worked at Green’s as a Fettler and Pat herself, briefly, worked as a Lithographer.  Green’s was one of the major employers in the area and it’s not a surprise to see whole families working there at the same time.  Pat says these goblets were made for Albert Village Primary School and she’s never seen any others like them.  Sid worked at Green’s all his life but sadly passed away in 1992 whilst Mabel still lives in Swadlincote.

As a local museum, donations like this, with stories like this, are what we love more than anything!  The chance for us to show and collect objects that are so closely related to our community is an absolute honour and we look forward to being able to share them with you all soon.  Thank you, Pat!