Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 2 …

Sharpe's Pottery Museum | Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 2 …

As the second day of my work placement at Sharpe’s Pottery comes to a close, I thought I would update this blog to convey further insight into my experience here. Yet again I have had the oppurtunity to witness the inner-workings of a museum like this one. Due to the museum’s ability to cater to the wider community I assisted at a meeting held by an external company, towards care for the elderly through advancment of medical equipment. Not only did this allow me to see the profesional side of a business and what goes on in such meetings, but it also allowed me to communicate with people through this. I then went on to prepare for an offsite event which will be taking place at Creswell Crags in a couple of weeks time. Sharpe’s are planning on further promoting the museum during this event, which made me realise all the actions that need to be taken that I wouldn’t have thought of before today; this included preparing all the crafts needed, leaflets and handouts as well as creating clay models to use as examples for the children’s craft. This was really beneficial to me, as I was able to be creative alongside doing the business side (hopefully my art A-level skills gave me an advantage here, but I’m sure it could be taken as one of the 7-year olds work rather than a 17 year olds) and so demolished the misconception that nothing can be fun and unimaginative in the world of work.

Furthermore; as well as all my tasks throughout the day expanding my knoweldge, this blog in itself is extremely helpful for allowing me to practice my writing and communication skills and to build upon my portfolio for a solid History of Art University candidate, through having the acceess to share my thoughts on my local museums website.

Again, thanks for reading and I shall be back tomorrow 🙂


IMG_20180717_151744907     IMG_20180717_151812034

* some snapshots of the event prep. that I carried out ready for the “Derbyshire Heritage Showcase” at Creswell Crags


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