Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 1 …

Sharpe's Pottery Museum | Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 1 …

Whether you’re wondering through Swad’s High Street or driving down the hill for swimming there is that seeping curiosity of many: What actually goes on in Sharpe’s Pottery Museum?

Hi, I’m Molly and I’m writing this blog to give an insight into the Museum from the perspective of a sixth fomer on work experience. A passion for history alongside a love for art and museums meant that I was drawn to my local museum; which houses a collection of heritage exhibitions and many beautiful objects, for my required work experience. Also I will soon be starting the daunting process of applying for university and I believe that spending a week working closely with the museum will broaden my horizons, in regards to making my personal statement more striking and allowing me to gain knoweldge that universities will hopefully deem as impressive.

On my first day I have already been able to learn and understand the history surrounding Sharpe’s and most importantly witness what happens behind the scenes of a museum – irregardless of its scale – such as handling objects, collections maintenence and cleaning of pieces, decisions about their significance as well as displaying the historical information; all things that I was hoping to persue while here. This knoweldge will lay the foundations for building a more in-depth and inquisitive understanding of the world of History of Art and so far, I am really impressed and happy that I am able to access all of this 5 minutes away from me! I am also fortunate enough that the people here are so welcoming and share a strong interest for history, archaeology and art.

Throughout my week here I will update these blog posts; sharing my experience and possibly shed a new light onto Sharpe’s Pottery through the eyes of a 17- year old student, aspiring to work with art and objects and all things ‘museumy’.

Thank you for reading 🙂



* some snapshots of me familiarising myself with the site using the “Sharpe’s Visitor Guide”

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