Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 4 …

Sharpe's Pottery Museum | Molly’s Work Experience Blog – Day 4 …

On my second to last day of my work experience week I have taken on duties that have allowed me to be much more independent within the museum, as I have been maintaining and cleaning the display cabinets for most of the day. This has been very beneficial for practicing handling the objects and artefacts, as well as in the care required for keeping the displays tidy and appealing. Below is a photograph of me placing the objects back into their cabinets and due to the fact I do not posses a photographic memory, I had to think carefully about where the objects should sit. This is seemingly insiginificant to many, but is actually a large contributing factor to drawing in people’s attention towards a display. From todays tasks I have been made aware that they need to be positioned suitably, to be in clear view of onlookers in the museum. Furthermore, I would not have been able to gain these skills and the thought process needed if I had not had this oppurtunity working hands on within a museum.

In addition I looked over the preposition for a new site map and was able to give suggestions to further the success of the museum and how it can become much more interacive with visitors. I offered up the idea to include the fact that Sharpe’s is an easy-access site and this was gladly taken into account by the staff here.

Thanks again for taking the time to have a look on this blog.

Molly 🙂

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