Sharpe’s Pottery Heritage and Arts Trust is a local charity, situated within a Grade II listed heritage building (which is a Registered Museum) in Swadlincote, Derbyshire. The Trust supports local history (including a wide range of artifacts on display), hosts community events, offers conference room space, and works with partners within the cultural centre of Swadlincote. Our Mission is to research, conserve and present, in an interesting and educational manner, the artistic, cultural and industrial heritage of South Derbyshire, for the benefit of the community and visitors, using the former Sharpe’s pottery as a base.

We have planned and are ready to launch a new programme of events, exhibitions and workshops. As part of our mission to provide a permanent reminder of Swadlincote’s heritage origins we will be launching a series of clay activities and pottery classes. This year’s events include a whole Summer of family fun, including ‘Paint a Pot’, ‘Clay Play’, ‘Discovery Days’ and Djembe Drumming Workshops.

In order to bring these events to the community, we need sponsors such as yourselves. To keep the Museum open and present these community events, as a charity, we are reliant on your generosity. The target we need to achieve is £10,000.

There are a range of sponsorship opportunities to consider such as sponsoring a whole event for £2,000, which would provide several benefits such as FREE tickets to the event and being accredited as the Main Sponsor for the event on all advertising media.

If you’d like to discuss our plans and sponsorship options, please contact Nicola Lees, Business and Development Manger by email or telephone 01283 222600.

If you decide to become a sponsor you will be recognised as being a Sponsor of Sharpe’s Pottery Museum on our Website, on our social media platforms and within the Museum itself regardless of the size of contribution.

Please see attached Sponsorship Packages

We greatly appreciate the support of our sponsors!

Sharpe’s Pottery Heritage and Arts Trust